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chapter 17 - Chapter 17: Integrated Marketing...

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Chapter 17: Integrated Marketing Communications Teaching Perspective Chapter 17 discusses the topic of integrated marketing—the cross training of communications disciplines of marketing, advertising, merchandising, sales promotion, and public relations. Much has been made in recent years about the practice of public relations being subordinated to the practice of marketing. Public relations, so this position presumes, should primarily be devoted to selling products and services and is therefore a subdivision of marketing. Although marketing promotion is very much a part of public relations work, it is definitely not the whole enchilada. And students should be so informed. On the other hand, integrating the public relations function with other elements of the marketing mix is important. Product publicity, product advertising, sales events, and the like should be part of the perspective of the public relations professional. That’s what this chapter is all about. Particular attention is paid to how public relations practice intersects the worlds of advertising and marketing, and the importance of public relations professionals in understanding how these sister disciplines work. The Case Study at chapter end exemplifies this interaction in the effort to revive the “brand” that is Kobe Bryant. Subject of the “Voice of Authority” interview in Chapter 17 is Marina Maher, founder of one of the field’s most respected firms and a public relations expert in the area of integrated marketing. Among topics discussed in Chapter 17 are: Public relations vs. marketing vs. advertising. Product publicity. Third-party endorsement. Building a brand. Integrating marketing with public relations. Public relations advertising. Purposes of public relations advertising. 21 st century integrated marketing. 110
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Speaking of Ethics: Taking a Chance on Controversial Kate In a different era, British supermodel Kate Moss would have lost everything, after being photographed using drugs and violating society’s ethical statutes. But this was the 21 st century, and forgiveness – especially for cultural icons – was the order of the day. So after Moss kept a low profile for a while after her embarrassing episode, along came Sir Richard Branson, the iconoclastic billionaire CEO of Virgin Atlantic and its derivatives. Branson’s offer to use Kate in his mobile phone commercials helped usher the model back into the limelight, not to mention magazine covers and runway photo
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chapter 17 - Chapter 17: Integrated Marketing...

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