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chapter 4 - Chapter 4 Public Opinion Teaching Perspective...

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Chapter 4: Public Opinion Teaching Perspective Chapter 4 discusses the commodities of public opinion, attitude, and actions. It explains how public opinion is influenced and how organizations use public opinion to create a reputation. Creating a corporate image is particularly important today, when organizations not only compete for customers but also stock market recognition and, in the case of start-ups, viability. Corporate image plays a substantial role in positioning organizations. And students should be aware of this. One way to probe the subject of an organization’s image is to explore the persona of the CEO. Dissecting the dispositions of a Steve Jobs or a Mark Cuban or a Martha Stewart might be particularly instructive. Subject of the “Voice of Authority” interview in Chapter 5 is sports public relations expert Kathleen Hessert, whose commentary on the chapter’s NBA case study is particularly relevant. Among topics discussed in Chapter 4 are: What is public opinion? What are attitudes? How are attitudes influenced? Motivating attitude change. Power of persuasion. Influencing public opinion. Polishing the corporate image. Managing reputation. Speaking of Ethics: Sony Spray-Paints Public Opinion The business of selling records, movies, video games, and the like is extraordinarily cutthroat. Marketers must constantly innovate to get a leg up on competitors. But Sony’s decision to use graffiti --- even creative graffiti – to promote its new PlayStation was fraught with ethical questions. First, of course, even if the company were not “technically” breaking the law with its graffiti, it risked reputational fallout by sponsoring such a controversial project. Second, by not acknowledging its sponsorship of the “art,” Sony risked alienating the very audience it hoped to attract – the urban Play Station buyers – by suggesting that the graffiti was spontaneous. All-in-all, an ethically-risky bit of promotion. 22
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Discussion Starters 1. Public opinion is the expression of an attitude held in common by the great majority of the public. Public relations attempts to influence it. 2.
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chapter 4 - Chapter 4 Public Opinion Teaching Perspective...

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