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Johnson 1 Rachel Johnson Mrs. Amy Rogers English 1302.0029 June 7, 2015 Cathedral In order to understand the symbolic meaning of the storyCathedral,by Raymond Carverone must understand the difference between looking and seeing. To look at something is to acknowledge its existence. However, to truly see something goes beyond just acknowledging it but actually recognizing and understanding its meaning. In Cathedralthe narrator is fully able to “see” the Cathedral but is unable to understand it on a deeper level. Robert’s blindness allows him to see without distractions and
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Unformatted text preview:worship and find peace and solace. Regardless of religion, cathedrals have represented a safe haven for those in need throughout the centuries. Although the narrator was unable to describe the cathedral because he was not religious, his drawing, however, allowed him to go deeper into is own life and mind. Closing his eyes allowed him to see past the surface. When Robert tells the narrator to open his eyes he continued to keep them closed because his drawing of the cathedral allowed him to be pulled deeper into the true meaning and whole picture of a cathedral. With his eyes closed he continues to look past the exterior of the building and is able to more fully understand the deeper significance of what it means to truly see.