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chapter 16 - Part IV Execution Chapter 16 Public Relations...

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Part IV: Execution Chapter 16: Public Relations Writing Teaching Perspective Chapter 16 introduces students to public relations writing, the essential skill that differentiates public relations people from all others in the organization. In recent years, with the proliferation of other skills in the field and particularly the emergence of the computer as a basic tool for doing business, writing skills have taken a back seat. They shouldn’t. Writing is what separates this field from all others. The public relations professional ought to be the best writer in the organization. This, after all, is what management expects to receive from its public relations pros – communications guidance. And that means writing. Students ought to understand this. The chapter emphasizes the most basic news release form of writing, answering the questions of who, what, where, why, when, and how. It elaborates on news release style, format, and content. And the case at chapter end gives students an opportunity to construct a news release from the compilation of pertinent facts. The subject of the “Voice of Authority” interview in Chapter 16 is esteemed public relations professor Bonnie Grossman. The Case Study at chapter end will test students on selecting the proper facts and configuration for a news release. Among topics discussed in Chapter 16 are: Writing for the eye and ear. Fundamentals of writing. Flesch readability formula. The beauty of the inverted pyramid. The news release. News release news value. News release content. News release style. News release essentials. The media kit. The pitch letter. Other print vehicles. Writing for the ear. The importance of editing. 103
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Speaking of Ethics: Bad Taste News Release One thing September 11 th proved was that public relations professionals must be sensitive to major tragic events. Part of the responsibility for public relations people, in particular, still lies (alas) in the suspicions that many still harbor about the practice – that it is a territory populated by hustlers and hucksters. Porter Novelli unfortunately played into this stereotype by alluding to the tragic
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chapter 16 - Part IV Execution Chapter 16 Public Relations...

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