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character analysis - Cappetta 1 Jonathan Cappetta P Hach...

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Cappetta 1 Jonathan Cappetta P. Hach Comp. 2 41180-05 11 Nov 2007 My Brother, The Thoughtless Scholar Dear Journal, Today our parents took us out into the woods again. It was scary; they brought us to a new place. A spot out much farther then anywhere I’ve ever dared to travel to before. Hansel, however, was smart. He somehow foresaw this adventure and decided to mangle his bread slice into crumbs so that he could make a trail for us to walk back on. My brother is so clever, he is always thinking ahead and figuring out ways for us to have a little fun and work our way out of sticky situations. Poor Hansel though, he must be so hungry having destroyed his lunch. I think that I will share my portion with him so that he does not go hungry. Dear Journal, Hansel and I have just finished our lunch. Our parents, however, are nowhere to be found. We tried to look for them before we ate but we could not find them. Hopefully they will come back for us soon. Hansel has been trying to construct a fort out of sticks and leaves, its good to know that if a storm came he would be able to build us shelter. There is nothing to do in these woods except write and play foot games with Hansel, but it is getting cold and I am becoming too tired to play. I hope we get home soon, so I will
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Cappetta 2 not be too tired to make the trip. Dear Journal, It’s getting really dark and we still haven’t heard from our parents. I panicked when I first thought they were lost. We decided to try to follow the bread crumbs that Hansel had dropped, but aside from it being too dark to see the crumbs anymore, birds have been swooping down and eating the crumbs all day, leaving a very poor path home
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character analysis - Cappetta 1 Jonathan Cappetta P Hach...

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