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Andrew Adelman Art Seminar ARS-112 Due 4/16 Peter Bauhuis Peter Bauhuis is a metals artist who works in a very small scale. He created a series of artworks that he called vessels. In these vessels he molded two different metals together, and made them only one to three centimeters tall. The vessels he claimed had no specific function just as he intended them to. He claimed that his artwork was not a representation of anything and to give it a function would mean creating a whole new world of things. Different artworks of his also had an interesting purpose. For example, the Euscope, or beauty viewer, he created was based more upon the viewers reaction than the actual view the viewer saw. In other words the picture of the viewer looking through the beauty viewer was more important than the actual image seen by the viewer. Another
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Unformatted text preview: creation of his, Fussel lints, had a similar purpose. Fussel lints were tiny gold pins that look like lint on someone’s shirt from far away. He made created the Fussel lints expecting for people to pull them off shirts thinking it’s only lint on the shirt. The way Peter Bauhuis presents his art is more important than the way the art looks or makes you feel. His art is more to create a reaction in the viewer than to satisfy the viewer. I think that the way he doesn’t give his objects functions shows that he is an interesting way to show what he thinks about his own art. He isn’t creating art to satisfy people, rather he is creating art to satisfy his want to get a reaction from people which I think is a great thing to express in art....
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