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Study Guide_Exam 2

Study Guide_Exam 2 - boulwarism • Mediation and...

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Study Guide for Exam 2 Chapter 7 : Function of performance appraisals Validity and Reliability Common appraisal errors Principal appraisal systems Types of appraisals Chapter 8 : Types of compensation (compensation tree) Government regulations on compensation management (FLSA, exempt and non- exempt ees) Motivation theories (core ideas) Different types of pay structure Chapter 9 : Types of incentive programs and in what settings they are preferred Individual incentive programs Group incentive programs General categories of benefits (mandatory, voluntary, retirement, miscellaneous) Communication : Communication process model Effective and efficient communication Barriers to communication Chapter 11 : NLRB guidelines Types of bargaining (mandatory, voluntary, illegal) Negotiation strategies (distributive, integrative, attitudinal, Intraorganizational, and
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Unformatted text preview: boulwarism) • Mediation and arbitration • Types of strikes Chapter 12 : • OSHA ( functions, requirements, compliance, ees rights) • HazComm • Repetitive Strain Injuries (carpal tunnel syndrome) • Health and safety index ( N/TH)* number of ees*hours per week* number of weeks • EAPs Chapter 13 : • Effects of turnover • Keys to successful retention programs • Common approaches to discipline ( Hot stove, progressive, preventive); their advantages and disadvantages • Discharge ( concerns, procedures) 1 • Exit interviews Chapter 14 : • Historical and philosophical perspectives • Philosophical perspectives • Pro and cons of corporate social responsibility • Different approaches to business ethics 2...
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Study Guide_Exam 2 - boulwarism • Mediation and...

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