BLAW 302 vocab III

BLAW 302 vocab III - Terms and Concepts III 1....

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Terms and Concepts III 1. Adjudication: To render a judicial decision. In the administrative process, the proceeding in which an administrative law judge hears and decides on issues that arise when an administrative agency charges a person or a firm with violating a law or regulation enforced by the agency. 2. ALJ: One who presides over an administrative agency hearing and who has the power to administer oaths, takes testimony, rule on questions of evidence, and make determinations of fact. 3. Delegation: The transfer or a contractual duty to a third party. The party delegating the duty (the delegator) to the third party (the delegate) is still obliged to perform on the contract should the delegate fail to perform 4. Enabling legislation: A statute enacted by Congress that authorizes the creation of an administrative agency and specifies the name, composition, purpose, and powers of the agency being created. 5. Exhaustion of administrative remedies: Each agency has its “chain of review,” and the party must follow agency appeal procedures before a court will deem that administrative remedies have been exhausted. 6. Notice and comment rulemaking: An administrative rulemaking procedure that involves the publication of a notice of a proposed rulemaking in the Federal Register , a comment period for interested parties to express their views on the proposed rule, and the publication of the agency’s final rule in the Federal Register . 7. Ripeness: Under what is known as the ripeness doctrine , a court will not review an administrative agency’s decision until the case is “ripe for review.” Generally, a case is ripe for review if the parties can demonstrate that they have met certain requirements. 8.
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BLAW 302 vocab III - Terms and Concepts III 1....

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