blaw302Gleimvocab - Gleim Ch. 1 1. law- a process in which...

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Gleim Ch. 1 1. law- a process in which a government procedures a set of rules enforceable through sanctions 2. right- a legal claim that does not interfere with a protected interest. 3. duty- a legal obligation not to interfere with the protected interest. 4. personal rights- rights one possesses by virtue of being a person but may also arise from contract 5. property rights- rights in a thing that can be disposed of or transferred 6. ethical precepts- what is ethical may not be illegal and nonlegal sources of ethical guidelines may be considered. 7. categorical imperative- an approach to an ethical decision that asks what the consequences would be if all persons in the same circumstances behaved similarly. 8. natural law- a source of ethical standards because they postulate that certain human rights are fundamental. 9. utilitarian ethics- a decision is good it’s good for the greatest number of people. 10. jurisprudence- study of law. 11. natural law- the standard for human conduct consists of laws founded on preordained rights. 12. history school- defines law as those rules that have been developed in society and tested over time. 13. legal positivism- treats law as existing only in the positive sense, law is a product only of authorized process of legitimate government authority. 14. primary function of law- resolve disputes while maintaining stability and predictability in a society and permitting orderly change. 15. preservation of state- ensures that change in the political system are brought about by political action, not revolution or rebellion. 16. common law- judge made law.
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blaw302Gleimvocab - Gleim Ch. 1 1. law- a process in which...

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