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Chapter 13: The Power Elite By C. Wright Mills Mills’ The Power Elite focused on how a man comes to power, what that power does to him, and how that power is nothing without his institutional position. Mills begins stating how lives of normal men and women are greatly influenced and often driven by Great Changes that are beyond their control. These changes are often and likely to be the result of other men, men who occupy a position in society in which they are above other men and by their decisions, create great changes that alter the lives of lesser men and women. The Power Elite are a category of men and women whose thoughts, decisions, and actions have major consequences. Their positions enable them to surpass the common settings of ordinary men and women. It is not so much what the people of the Power Elite do or do not do, but rather their title and position that they hold or occupy that grants them such power and influence on the ordinary man. Usually these men are in command of great hierarchies, organizations of modern society, run states, or control the military enterprise. These are the command posts of the social structure. Now despite the power of the Power Elite, they are not solitary rulers, but
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