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Midterm I Study Guide Exam: February 22, 2008 Kawasaki book Chapter 1 Know what the author is talking about when he says, “Make Meaning” Know what he means by a mantra, and how it differs from a mission statement or a tag line Know for whom the mantra is intended Know what he means when he says “Get Going” Know the key principles of getting going Know what the expected outcome of getting going would be Know what he means by a business model an know how to develop one Know what he is referring to when he says to “Weave a Mat” Know the different challenges of “internal entrepreneurs” (intrapreneurs) Chapter 2 Know why positioning is important Know the qualities to aspire to in positioning Know why entrepreneurs avoid niches and why they are important Know how he suggests developing a name for your company Know what he means about positioning a product or service in a personal way Know what he means by the opposite test Know what he means by cascading the message Chapter 3 Know the gist of pitching -get off to a fast start, explain the relevance of what you do, stay at a high level, listen to audience reaction, and then pitch over and over again until you get it right. Know how to answer to “so what?” -You make a statement, little man says, “so what?”, you reply, then elaborate. Know how to find out who your audience is and what to investigate about the organ- ization -First, learn what is important to your audience. Second, visit the Org.’s website. Third, brainstorm with your team and find connections, hooks and angels to make the pitch powerful and meaningful. Know what the 10/20/30 rule is - 10 Slides - 20 Minutes - 30 Point Font Know what to put into your slides for the 3 kinds of pitches -Investor Pitch a. Title
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b. Problem c. Solution Business Model d. Underlying Magic e. Marketing and Sales
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Midterm I Study Guide - Midterm I Study Guide...

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