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Michigan Department of Education’s Physical Education Core Curriculum Content Standards Michigan Content Standards Vision Physical education is a sequential educational program that provides students with the knowledge, skills, fitness, and attitudes necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle. A physically educated person who participates in health-enhancing physical activity: demonstrates competence in selected motor skills; assesses, achieves, and maintains physical fitness; applies cognitive concepts in making wise lifestyle choices; and exhibits appropriate personal-social character traits while participating in physical activity. CONTENT STANDARDS All students will: Motor skills 1 demonstrate competence in selected fundamental locomotor skills; 2 demonstrate selected fundamental object control skills; 3 demonstrate selected nonlocomotor and body control (movement) skills 4 demonstrate selected rhythmical skills 5 participate successfully in selected health-enhancing, lifelong physical activities;
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Unformatted text preview: Physical Fitness 6 develop and maintain health-related levels of cardiovascular endurance; 7 develop and maintain health-related levels of muscular strength and endurance; 8 develop and maintain health-related levels of flexibility in selected body joints; 9 develop and maintain healthy levels of lean and fat tissue; Cognitive Concepts 10 apply the concepts of body awareness, time, space, direction and force to movement; 11 explain and apply the essential steps in learning a motor skill; 12 know how to design, implement and evaluate a personal physical activity program 13 demonstrate an application level of knowledge of the effects of activity and inactivity on overall health; Affective Traits 14 demonstrate appropriate behavior related to selected personal/social character traits that commonly emerge in a physical activity context; 15 value physical activity and its contribution to lifelong health and well-being. R. Allen Page 2...
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