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Building the pyramids paper

Building the pyramids paper - Building the Pyramids of...

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Building the Pyramids of Egypt The pyramids of Egypt are a mystifying and thought provoking sight. They are enormous feats of engineering that required a large amount of labor and time. The Egyptian pyramids have become an attraction for tourists, and thousands Americans visit them each year. There have been various theories proposed as to why and how these pyramids were built, but nobody is absolutely sure about any of them. Countless engineers, archaeologists, and scientists continue to study the pyramids with great reverence. They do this with hopes that one day they will discover more of the secrets behind them. The most famous of the pyramids is the Great Pyramid, and it was built for the pharaoh named Khufu. It was built at least four thousand years ago, and it was also the most complex of all the pyramids of Egypt (Tompkins xiii). Some of the mysteries surrounding the pyramids have been solved, but several more still remain. Scores of speculations have been made on the subject of why the pyramids were built, but most people believe that the pyramids were built by Egyptian workers for the pharaohs as tombs. This idea has been proven true, because there have been parts of mummified bodies found in some of the pyramids. Pharaohs may have believed that the pyramids could be used as a type of stairway to heaven, as some of the pyramids resemble a flight of stairs. The ancient Egyptians believed that they could bring things with them into the afterlife, and the pyramids were used to store the treasures and wealth of the pharaohs so they would be wealthy in the afterlife. There have been countless artifacts found in the pyramids, but loads of them have been stolen by grave- robbers. The idea of pyramids being a “stairway to the heavens” is a very plausible one, because the word pyramid is a Greek word that means “place of ascent.” This may prove that the pyramids were built to help the pharaohs make it safely to the afterlife (Perl 50). 2
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There are many people that believe the pyramids were not used as tombs, and they have fabricated other theories, some of which are rather far-fetched. As Peter Chrisp wrote in Pyramid , “The pharaohs who erected these massive stone monuments left no writings explaining how or why they had gone about making them” (7). With the lack of solid information, modern society has been forced to generate its own hypotheses. Some people say that they were just built because the pharaohs wanted to show off their wealth and power. Pliny the Elder said in AC 70, “The pyramids…are a pointless and absurd display of royal wealth…these men showed much arrogance in their enterprise” (Chrisp 6). This theory could also be true, because the pharaohs definitely had large amounts of power and wealth. It has been said that some of the pyramids were topped by a pyramidion that was covered with electrum, a mixture of gold and silver. This cap would reflect the rays of the sun, and it would be able to create a blinding flash of light that could be seen from several miles away (Ikram 155).
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Building the pyramids paper - Building the Pyramids of...

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