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Feb 26 Lecture - Sanjay Subrahmanyam"Holding the World in...

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Sanjay Subrahmanyam “Holding the World in Balance: The Connected Histories of the Iberian Overseas Empires” - American Historical Review Dec. 2006 New England: Intro: Spanish empire was land based, the Portuguese empire was maritime and based in trade, unconcerned with the inland society. Nation states do not have the power to control themselves and the empirical nation has little ability to control them. Many efforts were contracted out. that was a preface Intro: the arriving English knew they resided on contested land. French to their north and the Spanish to their south. London company was given the responsibility to colonize the southern par of N America. The Plymouth Co. was given the responsibility to colonize the northern part, which was more successful than the London Co. They were generally a real estate corp. 1630 the Puritains were not the first to land in the area, the Plymouth Co. settled disputes with the Indians.
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