Apr 15 Lecture

Apr 15 Lecture - Hoffer and Hill: Murdering Mothers:...

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Hoffer and Hill: Murdering Mothers: Infanticide in England and New England 1558-1803 (1981) Karlson: The Devil in the Shape of a Woman IV. Changes in Women’s Lives A. Economic changes 1) many women were given their own jobs 2) they participated in the household commerce a) they traded household products for certain goods b) make cloth and bread and such c) growing network of economic relationships 3) they are not getting as much income as male counterparts B. Demographic changes 1) How is it changing? the N.E. enterprise was originally different from other populations in that Virginia was predominantly male a) N.E. was most nearly gender balanced i. in a good puritan society the family group was important b) slightly more males because it was okay for single males to come out, not so for single women c) How does this balancing out effect the lives of women? i. her major events are getting married and having children ii. women are getting married at an older age iii. wealthier marry younger than poorer women d) How does marrying later effect families? i. they will not have as many children ii. may have larger numbers of families with no sons 2) Widows a) Typical shared experiences i. marrying
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ii. having children iii. death of husband later in life, during periods of war husbands die younger
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Apr 15 Lecture - Hoffer and Hill: Murdering Mothers:...

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