Mar 20 Lecture

Mar 20 Lecture - c. the livestock was also a renewable...

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I. Anxieties of accusers a. the accusers i. women in mid-life 1. depended on their children for old age a. describe witches harming their children b. children did play a large role in the social status 2. there jealousy was turned to anger which manifested in to guilt because of Puritan ideas, then was projected onto those in similar circumstances ii. young men 1. they face social ideas that pressure marriage 2. biologically reached sexual maturity 3. barrier from marriage was land a. the mother may want control of the land that the man wants b. this also comes from the prospective mother in law 4. often accuse witches of damaging property and livestock a. this was because the belief that the witches wanted to harm the social status b. livestock was mobile, and easy to trade
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Unformatted text preview: c. the livestock was also a renewable resource d. livestock could heighten the mans way of life to be more socially acceptable iii. adolescent girls 1. stresses to marry a. when the agreement to marry is made then the women were constricted in there socializing 2. fighting for independence a. went between rebellion and resentment 3. cultural context a. phases in the life cycle may have exerted pressures b. terrible twos i. establishing a sense of boundaries between themselves and others ii. original sin may have manifested itself in the toddler iii. losing its center of attention and may be upset with a new arrival iv. infant mortality, the infant may die and the...
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Mar 20 Lecture - c. the livestock was also a renewable...

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