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Mar 25 Lecture - Midterm exam April 10 Chapters Demos Ch 7...

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Midterm exam April 10 Chapters Demos Ch. 7, Salem Possessed- prologue, up to chapter 3 David H. Fischer Albion’s Seed and Richard Beale Davis “The Devil in 17 th Century Virginia” VA mag. of history and blog c. Community Structures how would the structures of these communities affect witchcraft accusations? they may be more likely because they strive for a harmony and an imbalance of the social order may spark the idea of an accusation. the patterns of life over time, one person may be involved in several things around the community. long island may have developed a commercial economy through whaling (a profitable economical source, which decimated the whale population in the north atlantic seaboard.) whale parts were used for the meat, the oil, “whale-bone corsets,” pliable baleen. colonists are aware that this is a very important market. communal arrangements- fences, trade profits, etc. founders try to control the land and what is done with it think about the way that status shapes the accusation Demos talks about I. Intro a. most about N.E. describes about the 1 st 50 years of existence b. the Salem scare is different in that i. far more people are accused ii. the type of person accused does not fit the previous mold iii. why does this change take place iv. N.E. more important that it’s New or England 1. are they trying to fix the English or are they really peasants of England v. puritan influence- vi. belief in witchcraft and magic is apparent all over the British north America 1. they were twice separated from the continent 2. who believed more in the idea of witchcraft- the lower class a. the same people who came to America as workers or slaves
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b. but they were under represented in America
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Mar 25 Lecture - Midterm exam April 10 Chapters Demos Ch 7...

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