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buffalo creek paper - Cashen 1 Maura Cashen Dana Cochran...

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Cashen 1 Maura Cashen Dana Cochran APST 200 November 15, 2007 Buffalo Creek Disaster Buffalo Creek is a small coal mining town in West Virginia . Buffalo Creek is located in Logan County just near the border of Kentucky and Virginia . The town was built on coal and many of the people living in town worked in the coal mines (Gunn 6) . It is a small, friendly town where most of the people know each other and are friends . February 26, 1972 started out as a normal day for the town of Buffalo Creek, West Virginia but little did the people know that within hours their whole lives would be turned upside down (Gunn 7) . The Buffalo Mining Company ran the Buffalo Creek mines . Buffalo mining was a branch of the Pittston Coal Company, who at the time was one of the nation’s biggest producers (Gunn 8) . As with many coal companies, their one and only goal was coal. They did not care what they ruined as long as they got the coal out . The miners were not paid great to work in the mines and sometimes safety precautions were not checked up on as much as they should have been . Companies saw workers as a piece of equipment and treated them as such . The company did not care about the people or the environment they were ruining . Mountaintop removal mining is a pretty controversial form of mining . Naturalists do not like it
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Cashen 2 because it removes the tops of mountains that cannot be replaced . The way the mining works is that explosives are placed about 1,000 under the top of a mountain and the explosives literally blow off the top of the mountain so miners can get to the coal (Erikson 25) . As the top of the mountain crumbles, the debris has to be put somewhere . The pieces of mountain are put into a valley fill . Along with mountain waste there is also waste from coal processing, called sludge which was put into valleys also (Massey Valley Fill Disaster ) .The other type of mining that is used is called strip mining . Strip mining is a form of surface mining, Holes are drilled into rocks and then explosives are put into the holes . The debris is put into valleys just like for mountain top removal and makes pools of sludge and debris (Hustrulid) . The disaster that happened at Buffalo Creek revolves about sludge
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buffalo creek paper - Cashen 1 Maura Cashen Dana Cochran...

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