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Apr 8 Lecture - Apr 8 Lecture the EXAM lecture forward...

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Apr. 8 Lecture the EXAM: lecture forward, Demos Chap. 7 and Salem Possessed to Chap. 3 III) Social and Economic Changes A. Land/Population squeeze 1) traditional interpretation 2) revisionist a) a lack of self-sufficiency b) role of exchange (i) commodities a. farmers are keeping account books showing that there is more of a market for things b. grain prices is not a free-flowing economy c. (ii) labor a. the labor exchange is inter-community exchange b. harvest time is when land owners need the most labor c. some work for different crops depending on the season d. they are often able to keep (iii)the economy is known as “cash-poor” they trade things and they keeps credit on the books a. this network of debts almost holds the community together b. the way to succeed was to be a patient creditor and faithful debtor c) lives of the young men (i) working off the family farm in their mid-teens (ii) this income may be used for the family, food or help to siblings (iii)later, these young men keep more and more of the money for themselves a. to get a head-start for their own lives
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b. many of the towns allow them to vote in local elections or town meeting 1. gave them a sense of belonging and ties to the community 2. leadership positions are left in the hands of the older community
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Apr 8 Lecture - Apr 8 Lecture the EXAM lecture forward...

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