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Study Guide For Test One From Lecture/Discussions/recitation/syllabus/guidelines (notice a lot of this stuff is covered in both the textbook and lecture) What are the three course objectives discussed in lecture? 1. Develop and practice utilizing the sociological imagination (things are not what they seem, and the ability to see the difference between private troubles and public issues). 2. Understand the basic theoretical perspectives and key concepts in sociology with emphasis on mirco, meso, and macro (understand the strength and limitations of perspectives) 3. The professional benefits of sociology (reading comprehension, test taking, critical thinking and argument, communication skills. What are the proper methods for citing concepts, ideas, quotes, and information for any writing assignment in this class? Direct use of words should be in quotation marks, followed by parentheses in which you include the author’s last name, year of publication and page number of quotation. "this is  the end of my quote here" (Jones 1993:21).   NO coma after the name, no space after the parentheses, no space after the colon, use a colon after the year no a semi colon or coma. What is the definition of bad faith? What does this highlight when examining human social behavior? Pretending that you “gotta” or “can’t”. We always have a choice but it is hard so we pretend the choice is limited so we choose the path of resistance. But the shadow of human liberty is only possible because we are free to choose or avoid choosing. Not all choices are created equal. What do we mean by structured choice and how does this illustrate privilege and inequality? Everything is a choice within boundaries, some choices are easier then others. This can be the tension between structure/control and fluidity/freedom. We all have a choice be depending on where we come from and who we are the choice can be much harder and less likely. Meritocracy-system where individuals are assessed and rewarded of individual ability and achievement. What are the standards we use in this course for assessing social arrangements 1
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or practices in the US as unjust or unfair? Why did I choose those as the standard? Why do I claim they are powerful and appropriate (what examples of others who have referenced them in social change movements do I give?)? What is the definition of perspective and the power in knowing which perspective is operating at any given moment? Perspective is your basic view of society that guides your thoughts and ideas. It is your “filtered lens” the way you see the world. It is impossible not to see the world threw a perspective because of language, it shapes the way we see the world. We adjust to where ever we are and forget, the power lies in knowing which lens is “coloring” your view and being able to switch lenses at will. Is it ever possible to be perspective free?
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study guide test 1 - Study Guide For Test One From...

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