242out06 - please talk to me before the day you plan to be...

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Economics 242 Economics of Strategy Spring 2006 Tomas Nonnenmacher 213 Quigley Hall Office Phone: 332-3820 Office Hours: MW: 3:45-4:45; TTh: 2:00-4:00. [email protected] Course Overview: An introduction to game theory and its economic applications. The fundamental theories of strategic decision-making are followed by advanced topics. These topics may include the analysis of brinkmanship in politics and business, bidding and auction design, bargaining, and the analysis of non-competitive markets. Course Prerequisites: One micro-based introduction to economics. Texts: nd Edition , Norton, 2004. Grading: 3 Exams 80% Quizzes: 10% Homeworks and Class Participation 10% In early April we will watch Dr. Strangelove in either the evening or on a weekend, depending on the preferences of the class. Attendance is obligatory. After two unexcused absences, final grades will be lowered by one percentage point for each subsequent absence. If you anticipate an excused absence,
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Unformatted text preview: please talk to me before the day you plan to be absent. Course Outline: Chapter 1: Basic Ideas and Examples Chapter 2: How to Think about Strategic Games Chapter 3: Games with Sequential Moves Chapter 4: Games with Discrete Simultaneous Moves Chapter 5: Games with Continuous Simultaneous Moves Chapter 6: Combining Simultaneous and Sequential Moves Exam 1 (around February 20) Chapter 7: Simultaneous-Move with Mixed Strategies: Zero-Sum Chapter 8: Simultaneous-Move with Mixed Strategies: Non-Zero-Sum Chapter 10: Games with Strategic Moves Chapter 11 : Prisoners’ Dilemma Game Exam 2 (around March 27) Chapter 14: Brinkmanship: The Cuban Missile Crisis Chapter 16: Bidding and Auction Design Chapter 18: Markets and Competition Final Exam This is a preliminary schedule. Exam dates are approximate. Information relevant to this class is available on my web page: http://webpub.alleg.edu/employee/t/tnonnenm...
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This note was uploaded on 04/22/2008 for the course ECON 242 taught by Professor Nonnenmacher during the Spring '06 term at Allegheny.

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242out06 - please talk to me before the day you plan to be...

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