Theatre test 2 - What does Thespian mean? The word Thespian...

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What does Thespian mean? The word Thespian came from the name of the first actor ‘Thespis’ and it means ‘actor’ Describe the acting profession as stated in your book An actors life is often depressing and anxious, beset by demands for sacrifice in every direction: psychological, financial, and even moral. What school was founded by Elia Kazan? New York’s Actors Studio What two features are required to make a good actor? Expressive voice and supple body What is the actor’s instrument? The self Inhalation, practically understood as an element of voice, is sometimes seen to be mystically equivalent to what? Inspiration What is resonance? Resonance is the sympathetic vibration, or ‘resounding’, of the voice as it is amplified in the throat, chest and head. Resonance is responsible for the tonal quality of the voice. What is the major psychological component of the actor’s instrument? Imagination, and the willingness and ability to use it in the service of art. What is zadacha? It means ‘characters goal/task’ in Russian What are the three stages of the actor’s routine? The Audition, the rehearsal and the performance What is an audition? The primary process by which acting roles are awarded, and the opportunity for the actor to demonstrate to the director how well they can fill the role What is blocking? Blocking is memorizing lines, stage movement and directed stage actions What is stage business? Precisely scripted physical behaviors. An action that doesn’t involve moving across the stage What is subtext? Unspoken communications
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What is the most important trait of the playwright? The independence of the playwright, seeking ideas from their own lives and not from theatrical establishment. Why is every person a playwright? Because we all dream, creating characters, settings and plots. What are the playwright’s two tools? Dialogue and physical action Explain the concept of continuous and linear in a play Plays which are in chronological order are said to be continuous in structure and linear in chronology. They play out like a social event we may witness in our lives. How does a linear plot proceed? Chronologically, point-to-point storytelling Explain the statement ‘intrigue draws us into the world of the play; credibility keeps us there’ A play needs both intrigue demanding surprise and credibility demanding consistency. Without a balance of these two things the play will not hold the attention. Explain ‘depth of character’ Depth of character requires that each character possess an independence of intention, expression and motivation. These characters must appear sensible in the light of our general knowledge of physiological and human behavior What is gravity in a play? Gravity refers to the importance of the plays theme and overall relevance to the concerns
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Theatre test 2 - What does Thespian mean? The word Thespian...

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