Theatre test 1 - Theatre test 1 1 What do the words...

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Theatre test 1 1. What do the words ‘theatron’ and ‘dran’ mean and what are their derivatives? Theatron means ‘to see’ and dran means ‘to do’ and their derivatives are theatre and drama 2. What are the minimal requirements for a theater ‘building’? A place to act and a place to watch 3. What is a troupe? A long standing group of actors 4. What does a producer do? Personnel, space, financing, promotion/advertisements 5. Describe what a running crew does Technicians, scenery, lights, props, sound, laundry, repair and costume changes 6. What are the responsibilities of the house manager? Admitting, seating and providing general comfort for the audience 7. Who runs a play during the performance? The Stage Manager 8. How do sports and theatre differ? Theatre is a calculated performance from start to finish 9. What is the distinctive feature that separates theatre from the other arts? Impersonation 10. In classical time, what physical and symbolic element separated the actors from the audience? The masks the actors wore 11. Explain Coleridge’s concept of ‘willing suspension of disbelief’ The audience participates in the action on stage by feeling empathy with the characters and believing that they are the characters and not the actors 12. What mode of performance does theatre employ? A series of actions taken for the ultimate benefit of someone else. (Audience being entertained) 13. What is the presentational mode of performance? Presentational is direct performance and is the basic stand up comedy or nightclub mode. The performer acknowledges the audience and performs too them.
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14. What is the representational mode of performance? Representational is indirect and is more fundamental to the mode of ‘drama’. In this mode the performers behave as though they were not being watched at all. This is where the audience has to ‘suspend their disbelief’ 15. How does theatrical performance differ from other kinds of performance? Theatre is a live performance and is mostly a scripted and rehearsed event.
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Theatre test 1 - Theatre test 1 1 What do the words...

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