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CSE 160 (Fall 2006)

Art of Parallel Programming

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CSE 160 (Fall 2006) CSE 160 (Fall 2006) Introduction to Parallel Computation Course Description Parallel computation has a rich and varied history, and the techniques for solving problems on parallel computers are both intriguing and intellectually appealing. CSE 160 will introduce students to Parallel Computation and its application to problems--ordinary and extraordinary--arising in "everyday" computing, as well as in computational science and engineering. The goal of the course is to learn how to devise and implement parallel algorithms, to understand performance tradeoffs, and to learn how to generalize these skills to new problems. The course will provide an overview of important topics and issues for parallel architectures, models, algorithms and software. A study of modest scale parallelism on shared memory multiprocessors will prepare students for devising and implementing parallel algorithms to utilize multi-core processors, which are becoming prevalent today, and will grow to increased scales of integration. The course provides a
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