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IS 220 Lecture 16 Midterm review, discussion of Atsumori February 20, 2007 Jomon 14,500-300 Yamato 4 th -7 th Nara period 710-784 Written records, Buddhist art, Kojiki, Nihon shogi, Manyoshu Permanent establishment of Buddhism; Todaiji/Daibutsu (743/Emperor Shomu); importation of Chinese culture Kamakura period: 1192-1333: Rule by bakufu or shogun development of special military class Consolidation of shoen/private manor system Mongol invasions 1274 and 1281 Literature: Heike, Noh – strong sense of fatalism, impermanence, resignation Religion: profusion of Pure Land Buddhism (Jodo) and Zen Buddhism Four Noble Truths 1) All life is suffering. The world is an illusion. 2) Suffering is caused by desire. 3) Suffering can be ended because the cause is known. 4) The way to end suffering is to follow the Eightfold path: right knowledge, right intent, right speech, right conduct, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness/sensitivity and right concentration/meditation. (Eight-Fold Path)
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IS_220_February_20_Review_Atsumori - IS 220 Lecture 16...

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