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IS 220 Introduction to Japan Introduction: Tale of the Heike 1. Historical Background Names of the two clans: Taira or Heike vs. Minamoto or Genji 1156 Hôgen Insurrection: abdicated emperor Sutoku vs. reigning emperor Go-Shirakawa. Kiyomori fought for Go-Shirakawa. Two Minamoto warriors fought for Sutoku, although another Minamoto warrior, Yoshitomo, was allied with Kiyomori. Kiyomori’s side was victorious. 1159 Heiji Insurrection: aristocrat Fujiwara no Nobuyori plots overthrow of the Taira and loses. This time Yoshitomo (Yoritomo’s father) sides against Kiyomori and is crushingly defeated. His son and the future founder of the Kamakura shogunate, Yoritomo, is only a boy at the time, so his life is spared. Taira (no) Kiyomori (1118-1181): the first member of the warrior class to succeed to position of Chancellor ( daijô daijin ) in the Heian court hierarchy (1167). Head of the Heike clan. Kiso (no) Yoshinaka (1154-1184): member of the Minamoto clan, but a distant kinsman. His troops drove the Heike from the capital in 1183.
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IS_220_February_13-15_Tale_of_Heike - IS 220 Introduction...

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