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IS 220 February 1, 2007 LECTURE 10/DISCUSSION: The Tale of Genji Outline and significant passages The emperor’s doting on Kiritsubo; her suffering abuse and illness. Leaves the Palace, Genji is 3. Aoi/Minister of the Left’s daughter To no Chujo/Minister of the Left’s eldest son, Aoi’s brother, married to daughter of Minister of the Right Chapter 2 - *Note: Genji is “expected” to pursue affairs. "The shining Genji" : it was almost too grand a name. Yet he did not escape criticism for numerous little adventures. It seemed indeed that his indiscretions might give him a name for frivolity, and he did what he could to hide them. But his most secret affairs (such is the malicious work of the gossips) became common talk. If, on the other hand, he were to go through life concerned only for his name and avoid all these interesting and amusing little affairs, then he would be laughed to shame by the likes of the lieutenant of Katano. Conversation: T no Ch j prefers high-class women, but doesn’t think a truly excellent
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IS_220_February_01_Genji_outline_2 - IS 220 February 1,...

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