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IS 220 Introduction to Japan Review for Quiz #3 – Monday, April 7, 2008 April 23 (Wed.) Final Exam, 3:30-6:30 p.m. Pictures: Meiji life (Kokugo binran) What did you notice in animation, story of Kokoro? Picture: map of Japanese empire Marius Jansen “Japanese Imperialism: Late Meiji Perspectives” Japanese Imperialism Both Sino-Japanese and Russo-Japanese wars fought ostensibly about Korea’s independence. Resulted in annexation of Taiwan, expanded mineral rights in Manchuria and control over seaways. Korea annexed outright in 1910. World War I Japan declared war on Germany in August 23, 1914 and quickly occupied German-leased territories in China's Shandong Province and the Marianas, Caroline, and Marshall Islands in the Pacific which were part of German New Guinea. 21 Demands, many granted, included joint ownership of a mining and metallurgical complex in central China, prohibitions on China’s ceding any coastal areas to a third power, and otherwise expanding its control. World War I greatly stimulated Japan’s economy as Japan took over the production of industrial materials needed for the war. Democratic reforms – “Taisho Democracy” – universal manhood suffrage, 1925. Growth of the military, late 1920s – totalitarianism, militarism, expansionism. Appropriation of ancient concepts – Bushido - fused with modern concepts of nationalism, socialism. Economic expansion into Asia to obtain raw materials – rubber, iron, oil, etc. Mercantilist economy. Wanted not to be dependent on United States.
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IS_220_April_02_Imperialism_Kokoro-1 - IS 220 Introduction...

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