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IS 220 Study Sheet for Midterm Examination, Friday, February 22, 2008 Historical Periods: Know the dates of these periods and be able to state the political characteristics (how was government organized, what reforms were made) and cultural characteristics (what features of literature, art, and religion were discussed in class for each period?) Jōmon Yayoi Yamato Nara Heian Kamakura Buddhism: Buddha, Four Noble Truths, reincarnation, karma, Nirvana, Mahayana Buddhism, Amida Buddhism, Shingon Buddhism, Bodhisattva, Kannon, butsudan, temple Shintō: kami, shrine, matsuri, torii, idea of purity vs. pollution People and terms: For people, know the century they lived in; you need not know their exact dates. Yamato Takeru Prince Shōtoku Soga clan Fujiwara Clan and marriage politics Taira no Kiyomori Minamoto no Yoritomo Miyamoto no Yoshitsune Poetry: Monk Saigyō, Ono no Komachi, uta/waka (how many lines? How many syllables per line?), pillow word, pivot word, haiku (how are they different from waka/uta?)
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