Bio Lab 11 - Emily Swinkin 995488896 P05201 Observing...

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Emily Swinkin 995488896 P05201 Observing Oocyte Polarity in Oogenesis and Germ Cell Formation Procedure Explanation PART I 1. Add PBS to three wells of a glass dish. The females are separated for use in the Transfer dead flies in PBS from the petri next step to facilitate the extraction of the plates at the front into one depression in ovaries (as the males do not have ovaries). the glass. Separate the females into the PBS is a buffer to maintain the pH and adjacent well. preserve the integrity of the specimens. 2. Take a set of forceps in each hand. Keeping the arms firmly on the table With your lower arms firmly on the table, prevents shakiness which increases the hold a female with one set of forceps precision of the procedure. The forceps between the thorax and abdomen and grab holding the fly between the thorax and the tip of the abdomen with the other set abdomen keep the fly steady while the of forceps. forceps at the tip will pull away to generate a hole to extract the ovaries. 3. Pull the tip of the abdomen. This generates a hole big enough for the ovaries to slip out. 4. Transfer the ovaries to the third well The ovaries are separated from the rest of in the glass dish. Collect the ovaries the body to be further examined. from at least three to four females.
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Bio Lab 11 - Emily Swinkin 995488896 P05201 Observing...

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