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Gotschall 1 Joe Gotschall October 22, 2007 English 101 Professor Chandra Comparative Analysis Whose fault is it? Who or what do we blame as the cause of increasing obese children as well as adults in the United States and the rest of the world? Is it the problem of the childhood? Are parents not teaching their children the correct nutritional facts and balanced diets with the right portions? Or, is this not our fault at all, but the world we live in and its industry. These are all very frequently asked questions that go often without an educated response. When called upon Greg Cristor author of “Too Much of a Good Thing” and Marion Nestle author of “The Ironic politics of obesity” answer these questions with different, but not conflicting viewpoints. They both feel that obesity is a very big problem and should be dealt with very seriously. It is where the stigmatization lies in our topic of obesity that conflict these two authors. We need to concentrate on the home and not blame the food industry for trying to make money and the economy booming.
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Gotschall 2 In Greg Cristor’s essay “Too Much of a Good Thing” he addressed the problem of obesity and his view on stigmatizing it. Cristor is carful on stigmatizing the act of becoming obese not the obese itself. The obese do not go without stigmatization though, And he calls this “short term pain of long term gain”. Greg discusses why we are obese and what we can do to change this with a strong focus on the home. The home is where we grow and pick up our habits. It is where we learn our ways and behaviors that prepare us for future life. Greg believes that what our children are learning and picking up is that it is ok to over-eat, ok to have seconds and to eat whatever you want. Yet not all blame is
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ComparativeAnalysis - Gotschall 1 Joe Gotschall October 22,...

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