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Gotschall 1 Joe Gotschall Prof. Chandra ENG 101 December 3 2007 Psychological Advantages of Blogging Did you ever have a journal or a diary when you were little? Did you keep it a secret or did you let people read it? Thousands of people everyday show their diaries electronically through the internet and call it blogging. Some people say that blogging is worthless and has no educational purpose, but I think they’re wrong. Upholding a blog has positive psychological values and should not be censored for any reason by anybody because we are guaranteed our rights by the constitution. “Weblogs (blogs) are independent Web sites usually operated by a single person or by a small group of people. They serve as frequently updated forums to discuss whatever the blogger wants to discuss. Unmonitored, each blogger is author, editor and publisher, beholden solely to his or her own shims and desires.” (Snider259) There is an endless list of blog genres that is estimated to be around two million. Blogs can focus on
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Gotschall 2 a narrowed subject or a whole range of subjects. You can blog for all sorts of reasons from personal to profit. Blogging can be a lot of work but is considered cathartic. So, is blogging good for you? I believe that blogging has many positive qualities that make it beneficial to uphold one. Blogs can promote higher order thinking. Because most of the blogs are reading based, the blogger have to write and read rather than just watch (like a TV). Writing and reading promote more of a reflection. Words have to be organized before they are understood. Pictures and music kind of seem to avoid reason and reflection. It is easy to just take in pictures or music, it does not take much effort, but
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Gotschall 1 - Gotschall 1 Joe Gotschall Prof. Chandra ENG...

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