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BIOLOGY 103 ------------ 1 ECOLOGY Overview 2. Exponential growth 3. Logistic growth 1. Definitions ecology : the study of the interactions of organisms with one another and with their physical and chemical environment • aka: interaction of organisms with biotic and abiotic components of their environment • 2 main issues: • distribution » where an organism is found • abundance » how many there are 1. Definitions • general principles relevant to all species population growth » birth and death rates » resources species interactions » predation, competition, etc. effect of the physical environment » biomes 1. Definitions • ecologists study: habitat : the place where an organism lives populations : all the organisms belonging to the same species in an area communities : all the populations ( of all the species ) interacting in an area 1. Definitions • ecologists also study: ecosystem : a community and its abiotic environment biosphere : the zones of the earth’s soil, water and air in which living organisms are found 1. Definitions • density and distribution: population density : # of individuals per unit area (or
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volume) population distribution : pattern of dispersal of individuals across an area » uniform » random » clumped 1. Definitions • density and distribution are determined by: resources : nonliving (abiotic) and living (biotic) components of an environment that support living organisms limiting factors : factors that determine whether an organism lives in an area » biotic and abiotic Population Growth Models • Exponential Growth • Logistic Growth 2. Exponential growth • population size can change • depends on » births » deaths » immigration » emigration • assume an isolated population » births and deaths determine growth 2. Exponential growth • births and deaths: per capita rates • per individual/per unit time • e.g. 100 elephants monitored for one year
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BIOLOGY 103 notes - BIOLOGY 103 - 1 ECOLOGY Overview 1....

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