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Listening Defined Discussion

Listening Defined Discussion - i Unrealistic to devote your...

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Listening Defined 3 Parts 1. Hearing vs. Listening a. Hearing – sound waves strike eardrum & cause vibrations that are transmitted to brain b. Listening – brain understands the sound and gives meaning c. DIFFERENCE i. you can’t stop hearing, illness/injury (ears will pick up sound waves whether you want them to or not) PHYSICAL ii. listening isn’t automatic. You can hear without listening. We stop listening when we find a subject unimportant or uninteresting. Ex: boring stories, TV commercials. MENTAL 2. Mindless Listening a. We react to others’ messages automatically w/o much thought
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Unformatted text preview: i. Unrealistic to devote your attention to long stories, random chatter, explanations you’ve heard before ii. To make sense of messages, we fall back on stereotypes & descriptions 3. Mindful Listening a. Giving careful & thoughtful attention & responses to the messages we receive b. Listen mindfully when the message is important to you or when someone important to you is talking about a matter important to them i. Think about how your attention shifts when someone talks about money, sports, or fashion, or something that interests you. give the speaker your undivided attention...
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