Why Marriages Fail paper

Why Marriages Fail paper - Jess Slonim Dr Cook 10 April...

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Jess Slonim Dr. Cook 10 April 2008 According to Anne Roiphe, “Why Marriages Fail,” there can be many different causes of why marriages fail. She covers the different characteristics of love, care, passion, intimacy, respect, happiness, and trust in marriages. I agree with Anne Roiphe that marriages need those essential characteristics to help the marriage last, however, I believe there are just three main approaches as to why 42% of marriages do not last. The three reasons as to why so many marriages can fail are because couples fight against various financial problems, trustworthiness, and poor communication skills. These problems most often occur in marriages when the relationship is lacking flexibility to change to meet the need of the spouse and lack of effort to help the marriage survive. In order to have a healthy marriage, it is important to not only be on the same page as your spouse but also in agreement about most, if not every situation. Having the ability to agree about when and where money should be spent is a tough problem to overcome. Everyone grows up in a different environment and are raised differently in their childhood. Money can be taught as an object to some people and as a privilege to others. If a woman grows up in a wealthy household and marries a man who grew up having to work for every dime he spent, they are likely to have problems relating to money throughout their marriage. When spouses are raised with widely differing attitudes toward money, conflict is bound to take place. Money can either be the best or the worst part of communication in a marriage. When the disagreement is over how money is earned, spent, or saved, money arguments are very common in marriages because money is a part of everyday life. Whether it’s paying the electric bill or putting gas in the car,
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money is spent everyday on essential parts of living. In some households, only one adult takes responsibility for all the financial details. That is a terrible idea to have one spouse in complete control of all family belongings. All through my life, both of my parents have controlled and had access to the family savings and money that is accessible. From watching my parents handle all of the financial problems together has allowed me to grow up in a steadier household as
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Why Marriages Fail paper - Jess Slonim Dr Cook 10 April...

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