autism notes - [edit Characteristics Individuals who have...

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[ edit ] Characteristics Individuals who have autism are physically indistinguishable from those without. Some studies show that autistic children tend to have larger head circumferences [24] [25] but the significance in the disorder is unclear. Sometimes autism concurs with other disorders, and in those cases outward differences may be apparent. Individuals diagnosed with autism can vary greatly in skills and behaviors, and their response to sensory input shows marked differences in a number of ways from that of other people. Certain stimulations , such as sounds, lights, and touch, will often affect someone with autism differently than someone without, and the degree to which the sensory system is affected can vary greatly from one individual to another. [26] [ edit ] Key behaviors Autistic children may display unusual behaviors or fail to display expected behaviors. Normal behaviors may develop at the appropriate age and then disappear or, conversely, are delayed and develop quite some time after normal occurrence. [ citation needed ] In assessing developmental delays, different physicians may not always arrive at the same conclusions. Much of this difference between diagnosis is due to the disputed criteria for autism. [27] Deciding how a child should behave is also difficult because diagnostic tests have to be objective, which is not a simple thing to accomplish. [ citation needed ] Because of this practitioners and researchers in pediatrics , child psychology , behavior analysis , and child development are always looking for early indicators of autism. The diagnosis of autism must meet specific criteria but there are also many characteristics that are idiosyncratic. Thus, Autism is not a "one size fits all" label. In other words the spectrum disorder encompasses a very wide range of behaviors and symptoms. Some behaviors cited by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (listed below) may simply mean a normal delay in one or more areas of development, while others are more typical of ASDs—Autistic Spectrum Disorders. [28] A young boy with autism, and the precise line of toys he made [ edit ] Noted behaviors in children stares into open areas; doesn't focus on anything specific. does not respond to his/her name. cannot explain what he/she wants. language skills are slow to develop or speech is delayed. doesn't follow directions. at times, seems to be deaf: tunes other people out. doesn't point or wave good-bye. doesn't understand the concept of pointing; will look at the pointing hand rather than the object being pointed at.
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used to say a few words or babble, but now he/she doesn't. throws intense or violent tantrums. has odd movement patterns.
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autism notes - [edit Characteristics Individuals who have...

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