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Bio studying ch 26 27

Bio studying ch 26 27 - Bio studying Four stage hypothesis...

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Bio studying Four stage hypothesis 1 Abiotic synthesis of organic molecules. 2 joining of the molecules into polymers 3 Promotions formed able to maintain internal chemistry different from that of outside environment 4 origin of self replicating molecules allowed inheritance to occur Yuri and Miller created Yuri Miller hypothesis. Explains how molecules may have been made. Have water heat it and allow to evaporate inside of closed system. Molecules are present that may have been present in the early environment. Sparks to simulate lightening. Checked water as condensed and cooled for possible molecules. Found simple amino acids Not sure whether early environment had enough methane and other compounds to make molecules. Believed may have first been created in hydrothermal vents. Alvin sent to check it out. May have come from meteorite that hit earth Believed that protobionts may have been abiotically synthesized. Phospholipids form distinct shapes when placed in water because of hydrophobic and hydrophilic regions. Take up water from environment and can have charges in their membrane. Discharge in nerve like fashion. If random amino acids present when the protobionts formed then could have resulted in molecule that could selectively take in certain molecules. With metabolism and simple replication could have created first organisms. Riboszymes RNA molecules that are able to make complimentary molecules if the right nucleotides are present. Dating methods Index fossils used to date strata of unknown age. For example, look at strata that contain fossils of organisms that were very wide spread for a period of time. Known strata w/ abundant fossils of organisms know how old these fossils are. Use this layer of strata to look when started to disappear and can tell when strata may have formed or tell if above sea level by absence of sea fossils.
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