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Unformatted text preview: I OR: : in statements : in questions (NOT ALWAYS TRUE!!!) EX1: A: B: EX2: A: B: Exceptions: Practice: Workbook page 162 II Sequence of actions: Time+(first ) Time+ (then) (then) +time (at last) +time EX1: EX2: WP LY (bar) Practice: Workbook page 161 III ...: making a selection, a decision or suggestion EX1: A: (Olympic games), B: EX2: A: B: Practice: Workbook page 160 IV ...+action: usually appears right before the action (verb). M.W.Noun: (every day) (every time) (every one) EX1: EX2: Practice: 1. Every student can write Chinese characters except WP. WP 2. LY does well in every exam, because she goes to the library to study every day. LY If the structure is like: + verb + every() object, then one has to switch the order to every() object ++ verb or use topic-comment sentence, because has to appear before . EX3: I know every kind of language. (kind) Correct, but no is used here. "every object" appears right before the action (verb) topic-comment sentence, "every object" appears before the action (verb). Practice: I love every student. Workbook page 170 Every student likes me. V Transportation: 1 Transportation + time: 2 Transportaion + distrance: mile) (km) Practice: 1 Sequence of actions: (1) 6pm 7pm 10:30pm 11pm dinner with my friend Tom at UC do homework at the library call my father go to sleep. (2) Go home: take a taxi to the airport -> fly to NYC -> take a bus for 40 minutes to the subway station -> take the red line subway for 7 stops -> walk for 15 minutes 2 Translation: (1) A: Which kind() of tea do you want? Red(Black) tea, green tea or ice tea? B: I would like to try() every kind of tea. (topic-comment sentence) C: Both red(black) tea and green tea are fine. A: (lemon) B: C: ...
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