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Unformatted text preview: I : one action happens right after another action finished EX1: I eat my breakfast right after I finished my shower. X Xh V / X Xh V XX X: indicates the occurrence of an action, not past tense. EX2: I'll go to LiYou's home right after I call her. h ߽ Xh V / XXX XX h EX3: We take the quiz right after we finish the homework. / "" " s " " " " r II h ... ...: two ongoing actions EX1: I like singing while taking shower. pc]? / X XXXX XX EX2: Talking on the phone while driving is not safe. pc]? / XX XXXX X EX3: Do you like watching TV while eating dinner? pc]? /" " "" "" "" "" " III Serial verbs: EX1 I use Chinese to write letters. XXX XX / XXX XX EX2 I went to the libray to study yesterday. X " "" " / " " "" "" EX3 Liyou looks for Wangpeng to play basketball. LY X WP X / LY X WP XX X IV Double objects: verb + i.o + d.o EX1 Prof. Pankenier teaches us Chinese. / X XX sXX EX2 Please give me a glass of water. H V / X H߽ EX3 He tells me that woman is his mother. pc]? /" " $ ܽV " " V Time phrases: ... : when/while /XXX XXXX EX1 when they have their lunch Wܽ V EX2 while LY was sleeping LY v v / LY XX XX X EX3 when WP danced with his friends WP / WP WV XX VI ( ) + verb: progressive tense (be doing) / X(X)XX XX (") / "" (")"" " omit the"X" of the place """ EX1 I am doing the HW. X(X)XX EX2 My mom is calling my dad. X Time + (X)X + place +verb + (object...) EX3 I was studying at the library at 4pm yesterday afternoon. W V (")$ V / $ V "(")"" "" " V & VI: One action was ongoing / happened when/while another action happened / ongoing EX4 He was taking a shower when I called him. V / S V I called him while he was taking a shower. W V / W V EX5 I saw her while she was studying at the library. ~ q c ] ? )L V / ~ q c ] ? )L V She was studying at the library when I saw her. ~ q c ] ? ) L V / ~ q c ] ? ) L V VII +verb future actions or scheduled actions be going to do, will, would X XX / X XX X o EX1 He is going to take the exam tomorrow. EX2 I will study at home this Friday. / o EX3 She told me she would have lunch with that handsome guy at his home. V q H ]? V ] / V q H ]? V ] VIII O ... finished actions (have already done...., did something already.) S L V / S L V EX1 He already had his breakfast. EX2 We have already done the homework. / h l V X EX3 My mom has already known that I didn't go to school today. p c ] ? / p c ] ? IX Besides and Except 1X ... , ...X / X ... : Besides . WPX Xhl Xh l V / X / X WPX Xhl EX1 Besides WP, Li You is also a Chinese. X EX2 Besides beers, there are sodas and tea. h l 2X ... , ...X ... Except (for) .: EX1 They all love this movie except LY. X LYX pc ] Xh l V / X / LYX Xh l V EX2 I go the library everyday except yesterday. p c ] X 1 /o Can have the skills through learning EX1 Jia Ning can also speak Spanish besides Chinese and English. JN v V / JN v V v V / v V / LY v V EX2 He doesn't know how to drive. (He cannot drive.) EX3 LY doesn't know how to use a computer. LY S V 2 be capable of, be allowed to do by the circumstance EX1 I can drink 10 bottles of beer. v V EX2 He cannot drive because he drank 10 bottles of beer. (He knows how to drive.) pc ]? / p c ]? X / LY v V EX3 LY cannot come to the library today. (She is sick.) LY v V EX4 I can play basketball but I cannot do it now, because I have to go to class. V V ] ? ] ? m F m F @ y @ y /v V /v V X Sometimes X and X are interchangeable: I can write a letter in Chinese. X I can write 200 Chinese characters. X XI B .... be not used to.... EX1 I am not used to drink water before sleep. / h H h H EX2 My friends sleep as early as 10pm, but I am not accustomed to that. ~ q c ]? ) H ܽV / ~ q c ]? ) H ܽV ...
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