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semester review practice traditional

semester review practice traditional - WP What do you want...

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Translation: WP is my best friend. He swam very slowly when I meet him for the first time in high school.  But now, not only  does he swim as fast as a fish, but also plays soccer much better than Beckham. Although every girl in Lehigh  University loves him, WP cannot date them, because he already has a girlfriend. Her name is LY, a beautiful  and smart girl.  She was a college student 2 years ago and a doctor now. WP’ mother is very happy every time  when others tell her how handsome her son is and how beautiful LY is.  This weekend, WP wants to go out with LY on Saturday because Saturday’s weather is a little bit warmer than  Sunday’s. He called LY at Friday night:
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Unformatted text preview: WP: What do you want to do tomorrow? How about eat Chinese food first, and then I teach you how to write a letter and drive at the same time? LY: I want to learn anything except that! Besides, I don’t want to eat Chinese food again. Why don’t we take a taxi to the mall ( ) and eat Japanese food there? After that, we are going to watch a movie or buy some new clothes. WP: Again? I wonder why we have to buy closets ( ) every month. Besides, I am used to wear old ones. LY: Fine. Then don’t complain when none of your clothes fits you at all! HINT: ... &. .. ... &. .. ...& &... . .. ... . .. + adj & & & ± . .. . .. &... @² & & & &...
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