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Romeo&Juliet chart - Marry privately Families fight...

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Title Author Date Plot Summary Character Development Themes Tone Stylistics Symbolism William Shakespeare 1597 Fight between Capulets & Montagues in streets of Verona The Capulets have Masquerade Romeo &Juliet fall instantly in love Montague marries them privately Tybalt kills Mercutio so Romeo kills Tybalt and is therefore banished Juliet must marry Paris but cannot bare to so she puts herself to sleep temporarily Romeo views her and kills himself, when she awakens she sees Romeo and kills herself too Romeo Juliet Love at 1 st sight
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Unformatted text preview: Marry privately Families fight Friar Lawrence Mercutio Nurse Tybalt Capulet Lady Capulet Montague Lady Montague Paris Benvolio Prince Escalus Friar John Balthasar Sampson & Gregory Abram The Apothecary Peter Rosaline The Chorus Forcefulness of love Love as a cause of violence Individual vs. society Inevitability of fate Passionate Romantic Intense Rhapsodic Violent Prone to extremes or emotion (ecstasy, rage, misery, etc.) Latinate vocabulary Not colloquial Highly formal high style Poison Thumb-biting Queen Mab...
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