Weather - = Taiwan = tree = near = This summer I’m going...

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68°F Day Night AM Showers High 75°F Precip 30% Wind: NE 10 mph Max. Humidity: 54% UV Index: 10 Very High Sunrise: 5:52 AM Local Time Avg. High: 71°F Record High: N/A Clear Overnight Low 66°F Precip 20% Wind: ESE 7 mph Max. Humidity: 68% Sunset: 6:08 PM Local Time Avg. Low: 60°F Record Low: N/A Weather Writing Practice = Taipei = flower = ocean
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Unformatted text preview: = Taiwan = tree = near . = This summer I’m going to Taiwan after going to Shanghai. = to live; to reside I like snow, but I do not like cold. I like spring flowers, but I do not like rain. I like to look at the red autumn leaves. . 8ž«·ª . , . , muggy....
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