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Reading and Class Activity Schedule (SSP/ASIA198) Revised Version (The reading listed for each class are expected to be finished BEFORE the class) Week Date Topic Pre-class Preparation Class Activities Part 3. New Issues and Old Inequalities: urban-rural, male-female, majority and minority 7 2/26 (T) Fertility decline and childhood in urban China Finish Only Hope. By the end of Monday submit one paragraph, describing a discussion question to the class on the BB, based on the findings, methods, or the theoretical aspects of the book that most interesting you (thinking about your reaction paper) Brief lecturehiH Discussion of Only Hope , in relation to the demographic trends discussed earlier. 2/28 (TH) Poverty, childhood and education E-reserve: “Structuring Inequality: Rural Poverty and Educational Opportunities in China” Start reading Diary of Ma Yan Reaction paper on Only Hope Due at the beginning of the class Brief lecture Film viewing: Sparrow Village Discussion: the intersection between poverty and ethnicity; group project 8 Enjoy Spring Break (and read if you have time)
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ASIA.schedule - Reading and Class Activity...

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