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EES 004 Syllabus EES 4 - The Science of Environmental Issues (Fall 2007) 1 credit that counts towards Natural Science distribution requirements Three sections, each of which meets once per week. You must report to and attend your rostered section. If you wish to change sections, you need to use the normal drop-add procedure. 43298 (EES 004-010) Monday, 11:10-12:25 (Williams 100) 43299 (EES 004-011) Wednesday, 11:10-12:25 (Williams 100) 43300 (EES 004-012) Friday, 11:10-12:25 (Williams 314) It's important that you read through this syllabus so that you can understand: * course goals * how the course will operate * our expectations and policies * how you will be assessed COURSE GOALS This course is designed to give you the scientific background behind several of the most pressing environmental issues facing humankind. We've chosen topics that are important because they have global and local ramifications and thus are likely to affect all of us to some degree. As you'll see, you'll also have the chance for input into what we study. But we're not going to pretend that when you leave this course you will be an expert on all these issues: that would take you decades of research and a lifetime of experience. There are some things that are more important than factual knowledge about things or places. Those things include some fundamental concepts about how natural systems operate, and also some fundamental understanding of what science is and is not, and what science can and cannot tell us. We must also understand how uncertainty and risk should inform our decisions, and how to critically evaluate information. These are all things that both scientists and non-scientists need to understand in order to be informed and effective citizens who can act in their own interests and those of society. So, yes, you will learn some facts and figures, but we also hope you leave EES 4 more confident in your ability to make informed environmental decisions. We cover three main themes (biodiversity, water, and climate change), spend one class
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EES.syllabus - EES 004 Syllabus EES 4 - The Science of...

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