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Topic of Essay This semester we have considered biodiversity, water resources, nuclear waste disposal , energy resources, climate change, and environmental disaster clean-up . Some if not all of these environmental issues are intertwined, but we could face a situation where we need to decide about priorities because our resources of money and energy are limited, as are things like human enthusiasm and attention span, and political capital. If you had to choose one of these environmental issues as being most pressing or most fundamental, which one would it be? What leads you to that choice? How would you recommend we take action? Realize that although some of these topics seem quite different, they share some common elements having to do with the nature of science and how we know things, and also how we act and how we behave in the face of uncomfortable knowledge that can be fuzzy at the edges. What to Do Write a three-page piece (double-spaced) that makes the case for what you think is the most important environmental issue, and what should be done about it.
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