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Steven Messier CPT 101 Assignment 6: Buying a New Computer The computer I picked out was the Dell Inspiron 1520 Laptop. I decided to purchase a laptop over a desktop because it’s a whole lot easier to transport and sometimes I like to take my laptop to class to take notes or do assignments. A big part if I did buy a new computer was to downgrade to Windows XP. The laptop I have has Windows Vista, except I’m not very satisfied with it and would prefer to go back to XP. The laptop has a CD/DVD burner so I can burn CD’s. The computer would include DellCare Protection incase anything did happen to my computer, such as a spill or something. I would upgrade the hard drive
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Unformatted text preview: from 250 GB to 320 GB so I’ll have a lot of extra memory so it could last a lot longer. The computer includes a webcam so I can talk to my friends long distance because a lot of computers are starting to include webcam now. I am getting McAfee Security Center to protect my computer from viruses. I’m not purchasing a printer because it is easier having a flash drive and taking it to a computer that has a printer. I’m getting Microsoft Office 2007 Student and Teacher Edition so I can use that for school work. I’m getting a wireless mouse because when I’m at my desk I prefer using a mouse to a trackpad. The total comes out to $1,356....
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