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Marissa Statler Journalism 101 – Reporters in Iraq October 18, 2007 The hot cement burned the rubber soles of my sandals as I ran through the barricaded maze of blast walls, sandbags, and barbed wire sealing off the compound of the U.S. occupation authority in Baghdad. Behind me, an angry mob of young and graying men chanted in uniform protest and pumped long, black rifles toward the sky. Some of them held signs with American flags crossed out in thick black lines. I could not have looked more American at that moment…I knew it would only be a matter of time before someone spotted me in the unforgiving blaze of the bright May sunshine.” (Spinner) “Tell Them I Didn’t Cry” is a moving book that follows the story of a female reporter in Iraq and her twin sister. The Spinner twins discuss chapter by chapter the effects of Jackie Spinner’s time spent reporting on the war in Iraq on Jackie and on her sister. The interview is a
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