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eng_3rd_essay - Tade Ade Turton 1...

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Tade Ade- Turton 1 [email protected] 443-880-2322 What's love got to do with it By Tade Ade-Turton [email protected] 443-880-2322 Love in my opinion in both beautiful as well as ugly, a high as well as a low. Love can be great but be horrible at the same time. Love is a wish, that for most never comes true. The beginning of this year, I started going out with a girl that I lived with on my floor. Our relationship started out quickly much like the relationship between Alec and Maurice. We knew little about each other when we officially declared that we were boyfriend and girlfriend but the sexual attraction between us was immense though we hadn't yet indulged in its pleasures. Our relationship might have started purely on convenience. Looking back I doubt we would have developed into a couple if it wasn't for the comfort of being dorm neighbors. Physically we were into each other but mentally we were in the beginning stages. We knew little about each other but the little that we did know was enough to fan the flames that already existed. At first everything went well and our relationship was promising. Then the problems began, accusations of her cheating began to surface from mutual friends as well as total strangers. Initially I dismissed the accusations as nothing but jealous envy among people who wanted to break us up. By the time I stated [started] hearing these accusations, I truly felt that we were in love. Admitting that the accusations could be true was not something my mind was willing to accept. She began to act differently around other people and a lot of unattractive behaviors and actions that weren’t present in the beginning of our relationship began to surface. We continued our relationship with me pretending that I trusted her even though this wasn't true. She pretended that I meant more to her than was true and that she was faithful and trustworthy. We both pretended that our relationship was
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Tade Ade- Turton 2 [email protected] 443-880-2322 meaningful and had a future even though we both knew otherwise. Neither of us trusted the other and denunciations of cheating went back and forth among us. Though we had all these problems, I truly loved her! As a transfer student adjusting to this new school was hard and, she was the only one I felt comfortable sharing and expressing my emotions . As a result letting her go was something that was
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