Sociology Chapter 10 Notes

Sociology Chapter 10 Notes - c. Before Title IX, 32,000...

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Introduction to Sociology 1101A Spring 2008 Class Notes 03.11.08 I. Chapter 10: Inequality of Gender A. Difference between sex (biology) and gender (sociology) B. Three waves of feminism 1. First: around 1920 2. Second: 1960s 3. Third: now – more focus on women in least industrialized nations, questioning of male values that dominate society, comment: this is a unique perspective. C. Education 1. GT student body (Spring 2008) Gender Undergraduate Graduate Total student body Female 3,469 30% 1,476 26% 4,945 28% Male 8,195 70% 4,263 74% 12,458 72% 2. Title IX, 1972 1. Advances a. 1972 – 7% of all law degrees and 9% of all medical degrees were earned by women; in 2001, 47% of law degrees and 43% of medical degrees were earned by women. b. Before Title IX, only 1 in 27 girls played varsity high school sports; in 2001, 1 in 2.5 girls.
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Unformatted text preview: c. Before Title IX, 32,000 women played college sports, now its 150,000 women. d. Before Title IX, no money for womens athletic scholarships, now $1M for Division I schools. 2. Room for improvement a. Women remain under-represented in traditionally male fields. Women earn 65% of all Ph.D.s in education, but only 17% in engineering and 18% in computer science. b. Women still earn only 20% to 25% of degrees in physics, computer sciences and engineering, STEM = science/technology/engineering and math. c. Among Division I schools in 2000, spending on mens athletics was nearly double that of womens sports. d. 62% of female college students report being sexually harassed at college....
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Sociology Chapter 10 Notes - c. Before Title IX, 32,000...

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