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ExtraCredit Assignment - Dubai opens its first ice bar in...

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Dubai opens its first ice bar in the city, called Chillout. The bar represents a how globalization has entered the Middle East through this city. There is a buffer zone in the bar which is set at 41 degrees so there isn’t an all of the sudden shock of cold air. Some people were disappointed upon staying at the bar since they weren’t used to the cold air, One American from Atlanta liked it though since he had missed the cold air. This article is a representation of what globalization could do in the Middle East. It also mentioned the high energy consumption of the city. The article also mentioned what there is to do in the city such as skiing at the mall and other activities. It mentioned how everything is air conditioned in the city. It also mentioned some tourists from neighboring countries come to visit Dubai such as a couple from Lebanon. They mentioned how they didn’t want to ski in the Dubai Mall ski area since they already ski at Faraya in Lebanon. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp- dyn/content/article/2007/08/10/AR2007081001165.html This article is about how Canada has not acted with diplomatic norms with Iran. According to the article, this is about an exchange of ambassadors from Canada from newly appointed ambassador to Iran, John Mundy. Iran Hadn’t received any credentials
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ExtraCredit Assignment - Dubai opens its first ice bar in...

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